Mid-Week Classes

03/27/2019 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Karen Groneberg/Pastor Carlton Andersen

This after school activity is for 3rd graders through completion of confirmation.  Come & grow in Christ through prayer, service and learning!  Grades 3rd-8th are all welcome to midweek class!  These classes are full of energy as they learn out how God interacts in their lives!  Class learn from the Holy Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, the Lutheran Service Book, and other activities.

This year’s class will be praying and sending cards deployed soldiers in war zones, the Siskiyou Rappel Crew – Fire Storm Jumpers, and a Border Patrol Officer.  This project has help to protect soldiers who fight for the freedoms we have.  May God protect them.  US SOLDIER GET A LETTER FROM HOME




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