Zion Covid Plan of Action

Zion’s Plan of Action

The Governor has declared that no meetings of more than 10 people are allowed.  Therefore, Zion, like so many other churches have cancelled worship services and activities until further notice.  There are all kinds of timelines being circulated.  We will let you know when Services will resume.  For now, we are going on the pretense that it could be two to six weeks.  As we settle into a new normal during the Corvid-19 outbreak it has raised a variety of questions. Some are starting to be addressed such as our decision to put sermons and devotions online so that people might take comfort in God’s Word.

Hospitalization – at this time no hospitals or nursing homes are allowing visitations.  However, the hospital will notify the Pastor of your admittance upon your request.  If you are able and want to talk to Pastor Stockman, he can be reached at 319-480-8927.  Please put that number into your cell phone. 

Funerals – What will we do in the event of a member death?  At this time Funeral Homes are still conducting funerals.  They are allowing only 10 people at a visitation or funeral and this include the pastor and their staff. 

Copies of the sermon will be available in the church for pick up in the hallway. 

Member Needs – If you are in need of items to picked up in town like groceries or medications please contact the Pastor or Karen and we will try to arrange those services for you.  Under the State’s current recommendation – items would be left at your door and the person delivering will either knock and walk away &/or call you to let you know the items are there.

Zion Offering Plate – No one likes to talk about money but the reality is no offerings are being collected while services are canceled yet there are ongoing expenses for utilities, salaries and the like. We ask that you consider donating your offering by sending a check to the church each week.  

Christian Friend Fund – Members as well as others may be in need of financial assistance over the next couple of months.  Some are temporally laid off while others are self-employed and therefore have no income if there is no business. We hope that you will continue to make your regular donations into your Christian Friend Fund box and will either drop it off at the church or mail a check into Zion for the amount you saved. Thank you for blessings others.

Communion – At this time we are discussing a plan for communion. 

Our website: Zion-Morris.org may also have several updates if you are not on Facebook.

Facebookwww.facebook.com/zion56267/    We are planning to have devotions, prayers, and sermons online including “LIVE” events from Pastor Stockman. 

Church Library – There are many wonderful books and movies for you to borrow.  The sign out book is on the table in the middle.  The church doors will be open during normal business hours Monday through Thursday as always.

FRAUD!  It was stated on the radio today scam artist are in full swing trying to get funds from you!!!  DO NOT give out your social security number or bank account information to anyone who calls, sends you an email, or contacts you in another way.  According to the US Treasury banks are in good shape and there is no need to take out large sums of money.  Most banking can be done online.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your bank please call them.  Most banks have their drive thru windows open at this time.

Zoom Meetings – At times we still need to meet.  Zoom meetings are a great option to texting and phone calling when available. 

Confirmation Classes – We are currently working on a Zoom Meeting plan to conduct these classes online. 

What is social distancing?  It is a physical separation of two or more people with a distance of 3 or more feet.  This is often not so easy to do when you are standing in checkout lines or in some places.  Here is some information for you:

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