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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

Now that spring is here we, at Kids in Christ Preschool, have enjoyed learning the many signs of spring!  Have you seen our kites hanging in the windows?  We had fun creating them with the sticky paper and tissue paper!  We read this book named Stuck in which a boy gets his kite stuck in a tree and throws all the crazy things into the tree to get the kite down!  We laughed a lot!

The preschoolers had fun pretending to create a garden in the sensory table.  They were digging in the soil planting seeds and flowers.  They used gardening tools, pots, gloves and even an empty spray bottle because that mean teacher wouldn’t let them have water in the bottle as she wanted them to use their imagination.   So, maybe it was the mud that I was trying to avoid.  The week beforehand we had “clean mud” in the sensory table (torn up unused toilet paper along with a shredded bar of soap and water).  We even added bugs to the sensory table… plastic bugs that is… as they are important in a garden.

Have you been to the Morris Public Library in May? If so you would have seen the flowers made by our preschoolers to help decorate the library for those May Flowers that follow April Showers.

The Preschoolers learned to design a bug using buggy patterned paper and other bug parts cut out of construction paper.  We also used a band-aid and Kleenex to create a butterfly.  While creating these bugs we talked about what symmetrical means – having sides or halves that are the same.

Of course, we celebrated our Moms!  Mother’s Day is so important to us!  We read several books about how moms love us no matter what and all the things they do for us.  Two of these books were Five Minutes’ Peace and Harriet You Are Driving Me Wild were fun to read as one talked about how moms need some quiet time and Harriet learned even mommies can lose their tempers and yell, but should still apologize…sometimes!   The preschoolers worked hard on making their mommies straw necklaces and they decorated a card that read MOM is WOW upside down with sparkles and a bit of dazzle too. To learn to help their moms out they were working on their dish washing skills and were busy cleaning other places in our room using the “cleaning supplies” that are in our dramatic play area.

This month we had our annual Mommy and Me Night where the preschoolers and their moms enjoyed snacks, games, and a project where they got to get messy together.  The preschoolers entertained the moms with two songs.  We finished off the evening with a movie and with some cuddle time to finish out the evening.

In Bible time, we kept moving through the Easter story as we traveled with the men on the road to Emmaus.  The preschoolers helped act out the story and talked about how their feelings changed from sad to happy to really excited when they recognized Jesus and then wanted to share the good news. This was a great story to remind us that even that the preschoolers can share the good news of Jesus Christ.  We had fun as we explored the story of Pentecost.  We learned about the 4 amazing things that happened the day the Holy Spirit descended onto the disciples ~ the wind (a fan), the fire (picture of fire), the disciples all talking in different languages (babble, babble, babble) and the baptizing of over 3000 people (we used water in a spray bottle)!   We also read how Peter was sent to jail for sharing the good news and then and how God sent an angel to help him get out of jail.  This helped to show the preschoolers that Jesus is always there to watch over us and help us in our time of need. Not only did Jesus help Peter… as Peter’s friends were praying for Peter’s safety and Rhoda (a servant girl) forgot to let Jesus in when He knocked on the door, Jesus was there.  We too knock on Jesus’ door when we pray, and He will always answer the door, He never forgets to let us in.

We finish out the year learning about being safe in the summer through a variety of activities included:  playing in our classroom pool filled with paper.   Our end of the year graduation program will be on Friday May 26th, we will sing and dance for our parents, grandparents and friends.  Each preschooler will be presented a diploma.  A tasty lunch will be served afterwards.

The Kids in Christ Summer Day Camps will be held on June 21st, July 19th, August 16.  During these camps, I take a Bible story and we have fun learning about the message the story is teaching us through a variety of activities.  Please encourage friends and families to enroll their children or grandchildren into this program.  We also have openings for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  Anyone interested in either program can contact me at 320-808-4397.

Until next year have a great and hopefully warmer than it has been summer.