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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

After Christmas break it takes a little while to get back into the swing of things again but we are back on schedule.  The preschoolers are so excited to share what they got for Christmas, where they got to go, and it is so much fun to hear all their stories.

With the New Year we start a winter theme and it can go in as many directions as the snow flies!  We have been reading many books about snow; used marshmallows to make snowflakes; and used snowflake stamps to make a painting of frosty colors.  The preschoolers even made their own winter wonderland snow globes using a zip lock bag and a straw.  In the sensory table they have enjoyed playing in the snow we brought in as temperatures prevented us from going outside.  They had fun digging and playing in the snow.  The kids used eye droppers and colored water to paint the snow and had fun creating new colors with just the three primary colors we used.

We are learning about winter safety from how to dress to stay warm to what to pack in an emergency kit and how to stay safe on the ice.  During winter safety week the preschoolers painted warm winter hats and experimented with ice paint.  At the sensory table we investigated ice cubes with the use of magnifying glasses.

In our dramatic play area this month we have the K.I.C. Preschool Hot Coco Shop.  I love having this shop set up as I have many, many, cups of hot chocolate to enjoy!

We have been working on sequence of pieces together by putting the steps of a melting snowman in order.  The we had a number of different snowflakes cut in half and the preschoolers worked on matching up the snowflakes pieces.  The letters we worked on are Ss, Ww, and Ii as in snow, winter, and icicles as it is freezing COLD out!  (Yes, Freezing & Cold does not have anything to do with those letters and yet they have everything to do with snow, winter & icicles!)

After learning about the birth of Jesus last month, we moved on to find out Jesus was a kid just like our preschoolers.  We read about when God told Joseph and Mary to get to a safe place because King Herold want to kill all the baby boys.  So Joseph took Mary & Jesus to Egypt to live.  Then we read about when Jesus was a little bit older and Jesus stayed at the temple instead of following his parents home.  Mary and Joseph thought Jesus was lost.  They went back to find him and they found Jesus in what Jesus called His Father’s House – the church.  These stories helped us to know God is going to keep us safe and how we can always talk when we are scared or worried.

In the story of Jarius’ daughter, who was very sick ad died, we learned the power Jesus had over death.  We talked a bit about the miracle of bringing Jarius’ daughter back to life.  I explained Jesus doesn’t always bring people back to life on earth but in a new life in heaven.  To show what Jesus did in the story we took three paper bags each with a different word written on it (death, sin, and the devil) and then I popped them just like Jesus had the power to POP each of them out of our lives.  Read the story… you will see what I mean.