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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

October is a busy, busy month but that is what you do with preschoolers, you keep them busy. We worked hard learning about farming. The children played in a grain mixture in the sensory table and with farm toys and animals. Every year I ask myself as I am trying to sweep up soybeans, why do I do this? Then I see the smiles, hear the giggles and listen as their imaginations go wild and then I remember why I fight those stubborn soybeans which roll all around as I try to sweep them up.

You may have seen our field of “handy corn cobs” hanging up in our room. The children did other projects, reading books about farming, played with a number of tractors and trucks, and milked a cow (well maybe not a real cow). The most exciting part was our field trip. We went to the home of one of our preschooler’s uncle and got to see their chickens and goats. The children picked eggs, fed the goats apples and got to have a tasty snack prepared by one of the preschooler’s mom and dad.

With October being fire safety prevention month we of course brushed up on our fire safety skills. The children pretend to be fire fighters, equipped with air tanks and fire extinguishers. They searched for matching fire tool cards in the sensory table which was filled with orange & yellow crinkled paper (fire). They practiced stop, drop and roll. They also made a shape fire truck and put out a fire colored by markers with an eye dropper as their hose. We also took a trip to the fire station to check out those cool fire trucks.

We have also had some fall fun learning about leaves and pumpkins. The children used a leaf to paint and attempted to paint a colorful fall tree; but as I should have expected, the trees turned out to be mainly brown. They were using q-tips dipped in fall colors to color their leaves but had much more fun mixing them all together to make brown. Pumpkin fun included: pounding tees into a pumpkin, cleaning the oozy gooey guts out of a pumpkin, rolling a mini pumpkin in paint and seeing if they could balance a pumpkin on their heads. They rolled a dice and counted out that many pumpkin seeds using a tweezer to pick up the seeds and put them in mini pumpkin buckets. We read a book that taught us, just as we took the guts and bad stuff out a pumpkin and put a light inside, God does that with us. He takes all our bad yucky stuff and puts Jesus’ light inside of us to shine.

The bible stories we learned about were Noah, The Tower of Babel and Abraham and Sarah. When reading about Noah we learned that God keeps his promises and does what he says he will do. The preschoolers worked together to color a rainbow to help them remember this. I hope you have seen it hanging in the window. In the story of the Tower of Babel we learned it is not always good to be first and we should remember that God comes first in our lives. Zippy helped us learn that God gives us the talents that help us to do good. Zippy was bragging about winning a race but we helped him see it was God who helped him win. As we read about Abraham and Sarah, we again saw how God keeps his promises and can make anything happen. We talked about how Abraham and Sarah were older like grandparents but yet they had a baby of their own. That baby, Isaac was a blessing, just like they are BLESSINGS.

We hope you take the time to enjoy the beauty of fall that God creates for us.