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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

The end of October was filled with a little Halloween fun!  The preschoolers thought it was a bit goofy when they got to wear jammies to school for Halloween! We wore jammies instead of costumes.  And we always have one student who just can’t bring themselves to wearing jammies to school!  Our Halloween fun included the sensory table filled with eyeballs, guts, and worms and the reaction from preschoolers and parents is so much fun!  We sang a couple of Halloween songs and every year the all-time favorite is “Looking for Dracula”.  We also had a Christian twist to our Halloween fun – painting a giant candy corn and talked about how the colors remind us of Jesus.

As the holiday season draws near, we spend time working on manners.  Manners are so easy to forget when we are excited!  We read books on manners and practiced our “please” and “thank you”.  One story made a point to let the kids know using the word please does not mean we get what we want; and that even when someone says, “No” you still should say, “Thank you”.

Another time when we all need to use our manners is at the table when we are eating.  Eating can be messy business.  We read a story about a monkey who really forgot to use his manners and ate like a pig!  We also read a story about a little pea that had only candy to eat… that poor little pea!  She wanted her spinach for dessert!  “Yes, please!”  Our final book was about a mouse whose eyes were bigger than his stomach and he could not eat all that he put on his plate!  (My mom would have made me eat everything on my plate – so you better be wise about how much you take!)  With these stories in mind, we made a collage of a mouth full of food!  For a bit more education we talked about food groups by identifying what they brought in their lunch boxes!

For Thanksgiving, we played a dice game to see how many scoops of whip cream each preschooler heaped onto their pumpkin pie.  YUM!  We stuck feathers into a “turkey cup” and the kids figured out who made more and who had less.  At the sensory table, we continued scooping and dumping with oats as we tried to hide the turkeys!

Our Bible time included the story of Joseph and his colorful coat.  We learned about Joseph’s brothers and how mean they were to him.  We learned that Joseph forgave his brothers for all the mean things they did.  That is what God wants us to do, forgive those who are mean to us.  The preschoolers used colorful strips of paper to make a collage with each color to remind us of the story and the feelings the characters might have had.  Examples are red for anger – what Joseph’s brothers felt for him; and blue for sadness – what Joseph’s dad felt when he thought his son had died.  Joseph would be “blue” too for the losses he had.

We read about baby Moses and how God always watches over us.  God kept baby Moses safe from Pharaoh when the other babies were not safe.  God had a plan for Moses.  And God has a plan for us – including our safety.  When Moses was older, he helped God’s people cross the Red Sea.  We took an imaginary trip to reenact the trip across the Red Sea.  Zippy, our puppet friend, tried to tell us he had superpowers like a superhero – but he didn’t.  We learned the real superhero is God who parted the waters of the Red Sea and Jesus who has the power over sin, death, and the devil.  Even Zippy agreed he didn’t have those kinds of powers. We saw how Jesus could wipe away sin – we took a permanent marker and wrote “SIN” on our wipe off board and it would not wipe off.  But with the power of Jesus (our dry erase marker) we were able to make sin disappear!

We, at Kids in Christ Preschool, hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that we will be able to adjust to the wonderful cold of winter!