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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

The end of October was Fall Festive Fun!  We learned about leaves and pumpkins.  To investigate leaves we filled the sensory table with leaves and sticks then used magnifying glasses to get a closer look.  The preschoolers looked at the leaf veins and to see if there were any bug houses on them.  To paint a colorful fall tree, they painted on bubble wrap and then flipped it over to add the leaves to the branches.  Many of the preschoolers got creative as they added piles on the ground under the tree or even had the leaves falling.  We went for a walk to hear the crunch of the leaves and gather some too.  I think most of them brought home bags full of dead brown leaves they grabbed by the hand full at the edge of the parking lot.   I tried to get them to add some of the pretty colorful ones but they just were not as fascinating.  It was also fun to throw hands full of leaves from the church yard up into the air and watch them fall.  A few preschoolers even had fun making “leaf angels”.

As we continued with fall fun we worked with pumpkins.  The preschoolers washed mini pumpkins in the sensory table and colored them with Sharpie markers.  (Yep, I gave permanent markers to preschoolers).  We cut into a pumpkin to see what we could find.  The favorite pumpkin activity is pounding golf ties into a pumpkin with a toy hammer.  We had few giggles as some ties and pumpkins went flying as they tried to pull the ties back out!  By the way, it is really hard to pull them out!  We used the mini pumpkins to do some painting.  We placed paper in the bottom of a box, drops of paint were added, then they dropped the mini pumpkin in it and shook the box as crazy as they could.  Finally, we did an experiment with a pumpkin was to test to see if it would float or sink.  They were pretty surprised to see it float.

We worked on the letter Pp this week and the Wednesday afternoon group were able to pop some popcorn.  They weren’t very impressed when I told them we were going to put glue on it verses eating it.  They glued popcorn to a paper letter P to take home.  And yes, I did let them eat some too… without the glue of course.

During the week of Halloween, being I don’t have them bring in costumes, they had the chance to wear their PJs to school!  This allows the kids to be comfy and reduces stress the morning after trick or treating.  Who wants to get up and get going after a night of hard work like collecting candy!  All they needed to do was brush their teeth and come to preschool in our PJs.  I am all for being comfy at preschool.  Some of the preschoolers jumped all over the thought while others said, “No way am I wearing jammies to preschool”.  Still, we had a cozy day.

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With cold & flu season here, we did a unit on germs and how to not share them. They painted a picture of a germ; played with “germs” in the sensory table; counted germs; and we even sang songs about how to keep germs away.  I used glitter to show how easily germs spread when we touch stuff or each other and why it is sooooooooo important to wash.

In our Bible time Jacob and Esau taught us to remember God is always watching and we cannot hide our sins from Him.  Since we know that God is always watching we also know that He is always with us to help too.  You see, Jacob tricked his father & brother into receiving the birthright inheritance but when he ran, God showed Jacob through a dream that He was still there.

As we read about Joseph and his colorful coat we talked about forgiveness and did an experiment to show how forgiveness can change our hearts.  I had a clear container filled with water and happy red heart drawn on the bottom of the container.  We then took pepper (all the anger and bad feelings you might have) and sprinkled that in the water to cover the heart.  To represent forgiveness, we put a drop of dish soap in the middle of the pepper and the anger/bad feelings spread out away from the heart.  In the end we saw the happy red heart again.

We are now learning about Moses.  Zippy visited us as he was frustrated with doing a puzzle.  We helped him with the puzzle plan.  Helping Zippy gave us a chance to talk about how God had a plan for baby Moses and that He has a plan for each of the preschoolers.  The story of Moses and the Red Sea is always fun, we cross our own Red Sea and did another experiment using water and rubbing alcohol.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!