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Kids in Christ Preschool – Preparing for Christmas!

By Julie Miller

Dec. 2nd – 6th

  • Christmas fun begins with gingerbread play-dough, the sensory table was filled with peppermint water and candy cane extras, cookie baking, and trees decorating supplies about the play area!
  • After reading The Ginger Boy and The Gingerbread Girl stories the preschoolers saw how two stories can be the same at some parts and different in others.
  • Hearing The Legend of the Candy Cane we learned how Christmas is really about Jesus.
  • The preschoolers had the chance to make a ginger scented gingerbread boy or girl. We finger painted a peppermint scented candy cane too! They really had the chance to work their sense of smell this week!
  • Letter Cc was our letter of the week ~ you know: Candy Canes, Cookies, Cocoa!
  • Our Bible time lesson this week started the Christmas story with the angel coming to Mary and Joseph they were going to be the parents of baby Jesus.

Dec. 9th – 13th

  • The weather cut us short this week! Which ended up getting us a little frazzled as we tried to get it all in.  The preschoolers started their gifts to their parents.
  • I had to make sure we got all the last-minute bits of information needed for parent-teacher conferences this week as well. So much business to take care of.
  • This week we added wrapping supplies to the dramatic play area. It took a few times of explaining that even if you wrap up one of our toys does not mean you get to take it home to give to someone in your family!!!  Wrapping is hard work and takes practice!
  • One of my favorite things for the preschoolers to do is to play with the Nativity Set! It is fun to hear their versions or see what may be added to the Manger – like a lion or tiger.
  • We made a Christmas tree.
  • At the sensory table, they played in a mixture that smelled like Christmas and was super soft too!
  • We used a variety of plastic Christmas figures to make patterns and work on sorting.
  • This week’s letter was Gg we focused on how Jesus was the GIFT and what the preschoolers would have GIVEN Jesus for a GIFT. Jesus would have got many, many different gifts that were nothing like what the Wise Men brought him.
  • This week’s Bible lesson moved onto when the angels told the shepherds “Be not afraid” and the shepherds went to find the baby, Jesus. We used a flashlight with an angel cutout on it to make our own angel in the sky!  I stressed how the shepherds did not keep this news to themselves but they ran to tell others the good news!  With this in mind, we listened to “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. 

Dec. 16th 20th

  • Another busy week in December with more gift wrapping, finishing making their gifts to their parents, and a chance to make a giant sun-catcher light bulb as a reminder that Jesus is the light of the world!
  • We made our yearly visit to Willies Grocery Store this week. While touring the bakery we saw them decorating a gingerbread cookie.  (I hope that one didn’t run away like the ones we read about earlier this month!)
  • As part of our journey at Willies’ each preschooler picks out a food item for the food shelf. The outing ends with us ringing the bells for the Salvation Army.  The kids always like ringing the bells!
  • We did an experiment with Skittles to watch how the red and green colors ran together.
  • This week’s letter is Jj for Jesus!
  • The Bible lesson this week was about the Wise Men bringing gifts to baby Jesus and how they followed the star to find Him.
  • Now the preschoolers will have a break and get all rested up so they will be ready to return to learn and play! Oh wait…  maybe I am the one that needs to get rested up.
  • Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have an amazing 2020!