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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

This school year is starting out fantastic!!!  The preschool has been blessed with 14 wonderful boys and girls this year.  At this time there are 7 students on Mondays, 10 on Wednesday (with 6 staying for the full day), and then 8 on Fridays. I am excited to get to know each of their personalities, as you can imagine they are all different.

Two things happen at the beginning of each school year: we get to meet a whole bunch of new friends we have to learn about and we have to learn about what is expected and what to do when we come to preschool.  Since the same set of children do not come on the same days it does take a while for us to get into the swing of things and get to know one another.   That just keeps things interesting.

Working on their names is another big part of the first days of school.  It is so exciting for their reactions when they can recognize their own names.  Together we painted their names on paper and then we searched for their names in the sensory table amongst the water beads.  The children used play dough to make the first letter in their name.   Do you remember rolling play dough into lines and making neat things out of it?

I think this is going to be a group that likes to dance!  They really enjoyed the songs “The Freeze” and “The Beanbag Boogie” and I watch as they randomly dance as they play.

Each fall we start learning about apples which will “grow” into lessons about farming and fall.  We start by learning how to use scissors by cutting up strips of paper to make our mosaic apples.  They used an apple dipped in paint to make the letters Aa.  We have been investigating all about apples in the sensory table.  In the dramatic play area, there are supplies so the children can pretend to make apple pies.  Finally, we will have a taste test to see what they prefer to dip their apples in peanut butter or caramel. Which do you prefer?

During Bible time we learned that God knew our names, even before we were born!  And that God created us differently and that He loves us all and we are all a blessing.  Now this discussion of how God loves all of us got a little heated…  When I was making sure the children were getting the point and asked, “Who does God love?” ~  I had two preschoolers yelling at each other: “No me!”, “No me!” Over the year they will learn God loves everyone, no matter who you are, equally.

Each year we start our Bible lessons with the story of creation.  This year I have something called a creation ball and they were fascinated with it.  As we open it we discovered a new layer with each new day of the creation story.  We decided that His best creation was us.

Thank you for supporting Kids in Christ Preschool!  Here is to an active and fun-filled year!