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Kids in Christ Preschool by Julie Miller

After Christmas break and the New Year starting, we are having fun learning about winter.  We learned about what animals do in the winter like which animals hibernate and which ones like the cold outside.  The preschoolers pretended to be bears and hibernated in a box cave we made.  The kids made pictures of bears and hung them in the window for you to check out.  They worked on a project to get the bears out of the ice.  And finally, they had to match up which animals would hibernate by burying themselves in the dirt or if they liked the colder weather and ice.

Well, with winter comes snow, the preschoolers have been reading all about snow and what we can do in the snow!  Oh course, the preschoolers love to play in it and they are learning how to dress in clothes to protect themselves when they go out.  To continue our learning about winter weather we sang songs about snow and snowmen; painted a Yeti with puffy paint; made a colorful snowflake and tried to paint with frozen paint.  We played a matching game using snowflake halves, hats, and mittens.  We had fun with moon sand in the sensory table making all sorts of things.  But if we can’t go outside because it is too cold, why not bring the outside in?  We played with snow in the sensory table.  In the dramatic play area, we have a hot coca shop set up where they pretend to make a pretty good cup of hot chocolate complete with cotton ball marshmallows.  We will be making a “melted snowman” at the end of the month.

We have worked on the letters “S” and “W”.  For the letter S they turned an S into a snowman and an S into a sun.  For the letter W they made their own wind with a straw as they blew white paint around and then they made the sheet of paper wet with water.  We learned what happens to water when put outside when it is so cold and then what happens to it when it comes inside to warm up.

For math time, we worked on big, medium, and small.  They did this by putting penguins in the size from biggest to smallest.  We also worked on the number 6 by drawing a 6 and counting the 6 points on a snowflake.

Our Bible time started with learning about Jesus as a little child just like the preschoolers are.  They learned how He grew up just like they are doing and how each day they too can grow in God’s love and favor of those around them.

Then we moved onto the story when Jesus was older and helping others.  Like when Jesus helped Jairus’ daughter when she died and Jesus brought her back to life.  We learned that Jesus could perform miracles but that we cannot.  We also learned that Jesus has the power over death, sin and the devil!  We took three paper bags and wrote sin on one, death on another, and devil on the third.   Then we blew the bags up and popped them!  Just like Jesus “pops” sin, death, and the devil.  There were a few kids who jumped and some who covered their ears, and lots of giggling.  We then read about another miracle when Jesus healed a blind man.  Jesus helped someone who called out to Him by showing the man mercy, Jesus restored the man’s sight.  We used this story to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.  When Batimaeus was blind he was in the dark.  When Jesus healed Bartimaeus he was able to open his eyes and see the light ~ Jesus.

Until next time… stay warm!