Back to School

Back to SchoolSleep – Children need their sleep and those who get adequate sleep do better in school.  Elementary age children need 10 to 11 hours of sleep.  They play hard, learn, and need their

Eyes and Ears – testing these to ensure your child can see the blackboard, hear the teacher and work with their environment is very important!  Have these checked out annually?  For many children have a back to school checkup is a great way to help prevent potential problems looming at the beginning of the school year!

Breakfast & Lunch time!  Having a well-balanced breakfast and lunch is very important to the day.  If needed school’s provide both!   Encourage your child to eat foods that benefit them!

Bathroom Breaks – Make sure your child is okay about using a public bathroom.  Encourage them to let someone know when they need to go.

Scrub-a-Dub-Dub – Often times with the beginning of school many germs get past around.  Encourage your children to wash their hands – after going to the bathroom, before and after eating, and sometimes after activities.  Nothing beats good old soap!

Sick Child?  Call in sick, there is nothing worse than a sick child in school, they learn little, pass the germs, and are often sick longer.

Stay Safe at School – go over with your children about who they should talk to at school if they have a problem or a friend has a problem.  Who they should report bullying to or to let a teacher know when someone is doing something unsafe.  Bus safety.  And children should be aware of possible hazards at school, on school grounds, and walking to and from school – like strangers.  Never have their names noticeable from a distance. Letting your children know these things and how or what you expect from them will give them strength and confidence.

Exercise and Play – According to the Mayo Clinic children need 20 to 30 minutes of regular non-stop play and exercise.  This will allow to release pent up energy from the day.

Make Family Time – Schools and activities can take away from family time.  Set aside time each day for a meal together, devotions, or other family activities that does not deal with school.  This could include weekend activities like bike riding, hay rides, or something you all enjoy.

Pray Together – Praying for your children, their teachers, and their schools let God into their lives.