Bible Studies

 “Everyone His Witness”  Witnessing is motivated by Love.

Many people struggle with evangelism.  They know that they’re supposed to tell people about Jesus, but they don’t for any number of reasons.  Some are convinced that they don’t know how to be effective witnesses of Jesus.  Others are afraid how people might react.

Sharing the Gospel with people flows from love.  We want people to know about the life and salvation found in Jesus because we love them.  We love them in this way because God has first loved us.

God wants us to see the opportunities that we have to speak of Jesus with other people as a joyful expression of love.  As witnesses of Christ, we are privileged to be able to share the story of his amazing and unbridled love for us.  When we do, we are expressing the highest form of love for our neighbor – the love of God that brings eternal life.

In April Pastor Carlton will be finishing the study on Heaven.  And we are looking forward to the next great topic!

Men’s Bible Study Group – will be meeting on Tuesdays, April 11th at 6:45am DeToys Restaurant. Topic: Heaven for men  Questions: Contact Pastor Carlton

Elizabeth & Mary Circles Meet Tuesday, April 18th –  Elizabeth Circle meets at 2 pm and Mary Circle meets at 7 pm.  The lesson will be from the Spring 2017 Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly, page 16 – “Changeless”    We hope to see all our regulars and maybe a few new faces! You are always welcomed!

NEW Life Group Forming  –  There are 3 groups that have connected on various topics. Now there is another opportunity to join a Life Group.

Life groups are small groups that meet to connect with one another. Group size can vary from 6-10 people.  The groups can be members and non-members.  Experiences and faith are shared, a common topic is chosen along with what the bible says about the topic.  A group can be formed based on a group of members or based on a topic of common interest.

What topics are of interest to you? One possibility is “How to deal with worry/stress?” Come and grow your faith and build bridges for additional fellowship.  A signup sheet is available in the narthex NOW.  Contact Paul Groneberg (320-760-7941) for additional information.  We hope to see all our regulars and maybe a few new faces! You are always welcomed!