LWML Spring Rally


All societies were represented: 29 members, 1 guest, 4 pastors for total: 34

Registration and coffee from 8:30 to 9 a.m. DST. Fee $5.  Total received $145. Welcome was extended by Trinity LWML president. Response by zone president who led us in saying LWML Pledge.  Opening devotion question directed to us by Appleton pastor Ramsbacher was to think about who has mentored us “to be into showing God in my life” as example to others.

BIBLE STUDY was led by Counselor O’Neill based on Rally theme “Proclaim God’s Glory Among the Nations” beginning with 1 Peter 3:19. Concluding statement: God allows our world to go on…and on… so that we have time to proclaim Jesus to all!!

OFFERING was collected while we sang AMAZING MITES. Total received: $324.

MISSION SPEAKER, Lori Salvhus of Ada spoke about the Lutheran Mission Association centered in Northwestern MN with Haiti being the focus of their mission effort. A group of men from Haiti came to United State seminary together and went back to Haiti to teach and preach in 9 different areas of Haiti. Some US seminary classmates started the LMA and made their focus Cap Haitian in Haiti. MN North LWML has dedicated some Mite Mission Grants to further that mission effort.

Congregation sang “Serve the Lord with Gladness”

LAKELAND II DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENT L. MCTIGHE updated us on various District business including allocation of $20,800 mites for quarter ending March 31, 2017. She also announced that we have met the National Mite goal for 2 years ending March 31, 2017. Thanks be to God! Each society was given booklet listing 2017 society officers for entire district.

BUSINESS MEETING called to order by President C. Davis. Secretary report for our two meetings in 2016 was distributed to everyone. Motion by Reinke, seconded by Blesi to accept minutes. Passed.

TREASURER reported Fall Joyshop offering of $451 which included Zone LLL members as guests. There was no registration fee. Speaker Rev Lee fee was $75 plus $50 for mileage. Zone dues collected for 2017 was $137. April 29, 2017 balance is $1380. Motion to accept report was made by S. Bakeberg, seconded by D. Blesi. Motion passed.

2017 37TH BIENNIAL NATIONAL CONVENTION, ALBEQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO JUNE 22-25TH. Zone delegate Betty Reinke, Trinity Ortonville was introduced to group.  Societies were reminded that we participate by collecting pre-convention offering for the 4 collections at convention. Send 4 checks made out to LWML, send to Betty by June 15. Also print proposed mission project list from LWML national website. Please discuss at meeting and tell delegate which projects you wish to have her vote for.

NEW BUSINESS: October Lakeland II Rally will be hosted by Wheaton zone. Planning meeting is set for July 15 at St. John, Wheaton at 1 p.m. Zone officers and 1 from each society should attend.

ELECTION OF ZONE PRESIDENT AND TREASURER:  Nominating committee from Appleton and Shible stated that current president Chrystel Davis and treasurer Marion Goetsch are willing to serve a second term. No other names were submitted and no one was nominated from the floor. Secretary was instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for the two officers.