Cases for Smiles

Hi Women of Zion,Cases for Smiles

Your box of “darling” pillowcases arrived today.  My 5-year-old Granddaughter is visiting from Wisc. and couldn’t wait to see what was in the box!  She “oood” and “aaaad” and recited every character.  Her remarks were: “Oh, how darling are these?” and “The Kids will love these.”  The best one was “I wish I were in the hospital.”  Lol    From her remarks you can tell the hospitalized children will love them. ❤️

Ladies, I love the tiny accent strip your church uses!!  I rarely see them that narrow and they are perfect because they won’t curl up when washed.  What measurement are they cut?  1”?  I’d love to know because my sewing group talks about the 2 1/2 “they use being too wide and curling so they sew them down.

The Valentine fabric stole my heart.  I don’t get many for that Holiday but always love it when I can take them to the hospital in February. ❤️

All of the fabric choices were outstanding!!  Each case was beautifully sewn.  Heartfelt thanks to each member who worked on them.

You asked for a picture when I deliver cases sometime.  I wish it worked that way because I would love to see the children’s smiles myself!  (I never have gotten to see a patient. HEPA rules I think.)  However, I drive under a canopied patient pick up area and someone from Pediatrics meets me with a wagon or a multi-shelved cart to pile the bags and boxes of pillow cases into and off the go up to the Pediatrics Unit.

At home I put all the cases I receive in plastic Ziploc bags with a Ryan’s Case For Smiles card — one Case/card per Ziploc.  I then sort them TEEN AGE GIRLS, TEEN AGE BOYS, LITTLE ONES or by HOLIDAY into a tub marked the same.  When I am ready to make a delivery, I fill a cloth bag or two from each tub.  I mark each bag with what is in it and how many.  That way, I can give the hospital  a count so they have an idea of what they have received.

I try to deliver once a month and I bring 100+ each time. (provided I have the inventory)

Last week I delivered 226 cases which included about 100 Christmas cases for all ages (that was the November and December delivery). I picked up the empty bags from previous delivery so I have them here for the following delivery. 👍

Please thank your church members for supporting Ryan’s Case For Smiles.  I always say, I’m just the delivery person.  It’s wonderful people and churches who make it possible to Bless sick children with a smile and a pillowcase.

Sincerest thanks and God Bless your church and its members.

Pam Iversen

  1. S.  I will love placing the Thrivent sticker on each Ziploc!😃