Lent 2018

The Season of Lent

 Yes, Lent will begin on Ash Wednesday, February 14th.  A day set aside for true and honest love.  What a great way to see what love God gave us through His Son over the next 40 days.  During Lent we will have services every Wednesday night until Holy Week, each emphasizing the Lord’s suffering and death for our stead.  The first Lenten service will be on Ash Wednesday, February 14th and will be a communion service.  These services will begin at 6:15pm.  Lenten suppers will be served before hand starting at 5:15.

The theme for our Lenten Services is

“Symbols of Christ’s Passion”

February 14th   The Cross in the Cup –  Matthew 26:39

February 21st   The Crowing Rooster – Luke 22:54-62

February 28th   Thirty Pieces of Silver – Matthew 26:14-15, 27:3-5

March 7th         The Pillar and the Whip – John 19:1

March 14th       The Crown of Thorns – John 19:2

March 21st       The Four Nails – Psalms 22:16

In these worship services we will remember Christ as the suffering Savior reflecting upon some of the things used in His Passion.  Hopefully we will see and believe that Jesus is God’s final and greatest sacrifice of love for each of us.

ASH WEDNESDAY – we will be having communion.  However, on Easter we will not.  In April communion will be on the 2nd & 3rd Sundays.

Lenten Devotionals: Silent Witnesses

Available in the Narthex

For Christians, the season of Lent is marked by deep reflection on the appearance of the Savior and, naturally, what His life, suffering, death, and resurrection mean for our lives now. God’s human involvement in our world is a perfect example of His intimate love for us. He spared nothing to make Himself known to us—a fact that proclaims in no uncertain terms how “God so loved the world.” In Silent Witnesses, readers will note both the majestic—and mundane—aspects of the Gospel accounts: stories telling how God in His infinite power came down and “haLutheran Hour Logos spoken to us by His Son.”