Kids in Christ Pictures

Kids In Christ Preschool had a great year this year!  Each day we read Bible stories so the kids knew who the great people of the Bible were – from Adam and Eve all the way to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The kids had many field trips and special guests this year.  We went to the Morris Fire Station and learned to stop, drop and roll, the Dental Depot where they showed us all the equipment to help us keep our smiles, and Willies Supermarket to find out where we get our food.  We had nurses come in and tell us what goes on when we have a check up.

We got to learn different things about the seasons from feeling inside a pumpkin, counting seeds, and baking them to eat and to water safety this spring.

At Christmas time, we learned about giving by purchasing food items for the needy and ringing the Salvation Army bells at Willies one day.

We truly like our families that stop by and visit.

And, of course, we learned about friendship by playing and watching our friends do puppet shows.

Now we are off to graduation and many of students are off to kindergarten.  We are looking forward to a new group of 3-5 year olds ready to go to preschool.  We want all our kids to know that Jesus is with them always.

Teacher, Julie Miller