cropped-come_worship_with_us-image-600x400.jpgWelcome to Zion Lutheran Church a member of the Missouri Lutheran Church                                                       Sunday Worship Service is at 9am        Sunday School is at 10:15                            Adult Bible Study at 10:30

Office Hours are Wednesdays 9am to 5pm – please contact 320-760-4113 if you are in need of pastoral or other care outside of those hours.

Kids in Christ Preschool is now accepting enrollment for the preschool-001summer and school year!  If you would like further information for your family and friends, please contact Julie Miller at 320-585-5067 or 320-808-4397

Three Special Services this month!

LWML Sunday – November 12th

 A special worship service is planned to celebrated all that God has done through the LWML.  We know that this is our time to be distinctly Lutheran. Since 1942, the LWML has affirmed each woman’s identity as a child of God and her relationship with Jesus Christ, encouraging and equipping Christian women to live out their lives in active mission ministries, and to support missions around the world through their sacrificial gifts of mites, tithes, offerings, and tireless service. Now is our time to “Be Ready to Confess!” faithfully and boldly of Christ’s redemptive work for us and for all the world.”

A special mite calendar was placed in everyone’s mailbox a couple of weeks ago.  On it has every mission both the MN North District and the National LWML has currently going.  Your prayers and mites will help many.  We greatly appreciate your help in this project!  Mites boxes will be collected on November 12th in the Narthex.  Thank you!

*LWML Sunday Calendar and Mite Box Collection is set for Sunday 12th and is in addition to your regular mite boxes.  25% of Mission Mites goes to LWML National Mission Grants and 75% stay in the MN North District for Mission Grants!

Thanksgiving Day November 23rd – Join us as we praise and thank God for all that we have!  Service is at 9:00am

  Gideon Sunday is November 26th.   Once a year the Gideon’s spread out and each take a church to visit and share with.  For those that may not know, the Gideons is an organization that does nothing but print and distribute Bibles.  If you have ever been in a hospital or hotel room, there was probably a Gideon Bible there.  That’s only a part of what they do.