Pastor’s Pen


A few months ago, a woman asked me to call on her daughter who had cancer very bad.  So, I did.  We talked for a while and then she said to me, “I don’t know how to die!”  I then had the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus that He came down here, lived the perfect life for us, and then suffered for us, and our sins on the cross.  Yes, He died but He rose again on the third day!  And now we believe He paid the price for our sins, we are forgiven, made children of God and have the guarantee of going to heaven!  She believed that with a smile on her face.  Short time later she joined the church, died a believer in Christ and I preached about the victory she was now experiencing in heaven.  Praise the Lord!

500 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther, from the Scriptures, found that great    message and began the Great Reformation on October 31, 1517 by nailing the 95 thesis (statements) on a church door.  In our worship service on Sunday, October 29th, we will celebrate what Luther found in the Scripture and also that sister in Christ.  Please invite friends and relatives to this service of celebration.  Most of all – always remember what Christ did for us so that we can always say and feel – “I know how to die!”


Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Baumgarn