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Baby JesusDear Brother’s & Sisters in Christ,

A number of Years ago in a kindergarten class, a little boy by the name of Ronnie could hardly wait for the sharing period.  He had brought his much-prized manger scene to show others.  As he put each piece in its place he would comment:

“This is a Wiseman.”

“This is a shepherd.”

The children kept asking, “Where is the Baby Jesus?”.

He set the last piece in place.  It was a sheep.  Tearfully, he said to the teacher, “I’ve lost the baby Jesus.”

Most of us have been preparing for Christians.  We have shopped for gifts, decorated the house, and sent cards.  The rush, the friends, and the relatives, and the many duties have taken from some of us the last resource of energy and patience.

How tragic it would be for us if we discover at the close of our preparations for Christmas that we, too, have lost Christ from the scene or even lessened His importance!  May everyone in your home and our home make this Christmas what it was attended for – the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

From our house to your house – Have a Christ filled CHRISTmas.

Yours in Christ,  Pastor & Carol

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