Pastor’s Pen

Dear members of Zion,

The first of November is known as All Saints’ Day and is always celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.  This day is set aside in the church year for the remembrance of those believers in Christ who have died in the faith and gone to be with Jesus in heaven.  I am guessing that we all have someone who was especially important and instrumental in the formation of our faith and/or who has made a definite impression on our life and our faith.  Perhaps this person or persons is someone who now rests with Jesus. I would like you to take a moment and think about that person and the influence they had on your faith.  What was it about their words or actions that made such an influence on your faith?  What contribution did they make to the formation of your faith?   Why did they make such a lasting impression?  This will help us to appreciate the models of faith that God has used to influence each of us. Perhaps it is their perseverance that has meant so much. Maybe it is the way they were always able to see God’s actions in every situation.  Perhaps it was their positive attitude in the face of a crippling illness.  It could even be their constant joyful spirit that encouraged you in your walk with the Lord.  Whatever the case, let’s take the month of November and set it aside to remember their faith and contribution to your life.  Remember, this is about their influence upon your faith and your Christian life. I am sure that there are many other things that you can think of which point to their influence upon you.

Since November is also the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, why not take a moment to thank God for the faithful witness of this person who was such a positive witness and influence on your life.  Then thank God for putting this person or people in your life.  Finally, ask God to help you in turn to be a faithful witness and positive role model for others.   Who knows how many people you may encourage by your faith and your witness.   I do know that each generation has the task of providing a positive witness to the next generation by our words and actions.  May this be our prayer for today and always, “God help me to be positive witnesses to the next generation.  Amen”

In His service,

Pastor Reed Stockman

 Every Member Visits

 Members will be receiving phone calls from the Elders (Gene Pasche, Dean Meichsner or Jason Miller) to set up a time for Pastor & an Elder to stop by your home for a short visit.

If you ware in need of Pastoral care outside of office hours Pastor Stockman can be reached at 320-585-5913 or his cell phone 319-480-8927.