Kids in Christ Preschool

preschool-001Julie Miller, Licensed Teacher
BS, Early Elementary Education
Preschool children ages 3-5 years old
Classes are Monday & Fridays 8:45-11:15 and all day Wednesdays 8:45 – 2:45
Telephone number: 320-585-5067

Our Mission
At Kids in Christ Preschool, our mission is to share God’s grace by providing early childhood training in an enriching, Christ-centered atmosphere. Zion Lutheran strives to provide a safe and loving atmosphere where each child is nurtured and taught to rejoice and grow in God’s grace while preparing them for kindergarten.

Our Philosophy
It is a known fact that the early training of children is the most significant training they receive. An early childhood experience permeated by Christianity provides children with added richness. Children are allowed to develop at their own readiness with the needs of the “whole child” as the focus.

Kids in Christ Preschools philosophy provides early childhood education based in a Christ-filled academic program. Our well-balanced program takes into account the whole child’s physical, emotional, academic and spiritual dimensions, supporting emotional, social, cognitive, physical and spiritual development. The members of Zion Lutheran Church have supported this mission by providing school rooms and supplies.  Recently Zion has added an outside protected play area and we are planning to add playground equipment the summer of 2014.  Finally, Zion financially supports Kids in Christ Preschool with financial giving to help support the financial scholarships needed for some students.

Children will find a loving, caring environment where they can explore, learn and grow through play in our fun, safe and welcoming atmosphere. From these various experiences, children will begin to develop their individual modes of learning. Each child is encouraged to develop moral values and judgments, to be self-confident and competent, to use desirable communication skills, to display acceptable emotional expression, to attain good peer and adult relationships, and to attain adequate adjustment to a school situation.

Come, let your children grow with us!

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