Kids In Christ – FAQ

How does a young child learn?
Through love, discipline, exploration, participation, communication, trial and error and Christian example.

When does a child begin to learn?
The minute the child is born. A baby comes into the world ready and able to learn. Young children use their senses, their bodies, their innate curiosity, language facilitation and organizing ability to learn. By the age of 3 or 4 years, most children have established life-long learning skills.

Where does a child learn?
Learning takes place everywhere –at the grocery store, riding in a car, eating at a restaurant, in the home, church or school setting, television, and with other children. Parents are the child’s first and long range teachers. As children mature, they come under the influence of other adults, teachers, siblings, and peers.

Why does a child need to learn?
In order to face the challenge of becoming capable, self-confident, sensitive, independent, and inventive Christian adults. They need to learn how to cope with the challenges of the future, while enjoying the joys of childhood. Childhood is a time for preparing for the purpose of Christian life – that of serving God and fellowman.

What does a young child need to learn?
A young child needs to learn that he or she is a unique individual, created by God. Children are important. The development of feelings of self worth, confidence, and esteem are necessary in building positive relationships toward self and others.