LWML 75th Anniversary

This is the 75th anniversary of LWML!  By Anne Hansen

The National LWML convention is same week as our monthly Circle meetings. In recent years’ parts of the conventions have been live-streamed on LWML website at www.lwml.org some highlighted programs will be opening service is 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 22, banner procession is Friday morning as sessions begin, and at 7 p.m. the Saturday evening program will be Diamond Dazzle Parade. Check the live-stream!  And in this the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Katie Luther (actress playing Martin Luther’s wife) will make her presence known and the value of LWML and our mites Mission.  “Katie” appeared the year Carol Linser was delegate to convention years ago!

LWML’ers are thanking God for generous Mite contributions as we have met our 2-million-dollar goal for the just-completed 2 years. Actual Mite collection in each District is always designated 80% for Mission Grants within each District and 20% is sent to National—totaling 2 Million dollars! Definitely we are Lutheran Women in Mission.

The national mission grants are a mix of international work in Lebanon, Uganda, Ethiopia and Israel, as well as seminary tuition support in Africa and the United States, renovation of buildings for churches, and for working with orphans, young adults and cancer care sites.

At the June convention, the delegates will prayerfully vote for new mission goals and then choose about a dozen missions from the 37 request being considered. Proclaiming “Jesus Christ Above All” (the convention theme) will help inspire Mite proposal selections. Thus we serve the Lord with gladness.

You are always welcomed at any Circle meeting!